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Charles Melton's Miller Canyon Moths

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9322599655.1Caradrina beta
Caradrina beta
9322159665 – Beet Armyworm Moth – Spodoptera exigua
Spodoptera exigua
9322169666 – Fall Armyworm Moth – Spodoptera frugiperda
Spodoptera frugiperda
Spodoptera frugiperda
9322409685Bryolymnia viridimedia
Bryolymnia viridimedia
Bryolymnia viridimedia
9322469686 – Half-banded Bryolymnia Moth – Bryolymnia semifascia
Bryolymnia semifascia
9322499688 – Wedgling Moth – Galgula partita
Galgula partita
9319909691Condica temecula
Condica temecula
9319919692Condica discistriga
Condica discistriga
9319949695Condica albolabes
Condica albolabes
9320069704Condica charada
Condica charada
Condica charada
Condica charada
Condica charada
9320179716 – Whaleback Moth – Stibaera thyatiroides
Stibaera thyatiroides
9316069718 – Beloved Emarginea Moth – Emarginea percara
Emarginea percara
9316079719Emarginea dulcinea
Emarginea dulcinea
9320199721Ogdoconta moreno
Ogdoconta moreno
9317289729Azenia implora
Azenia implora
9316029734Lythrodes tripuncta
Lythrodes tripuncta
Lythrodes tripuncta
9316999737 – Poetry Moth – Neumoegenia poetica
Neumoegenia poetica
9316499741Plagiomimicus aureolum
Plagiomimicus aureolum
Plagiomimicus aureolum
9316489745Plagiomimicus dimidiata
Plagiomimicus dimidiata
9316549747Plagiomimicus curiosum
Plagiomimicus curiosum
Plagiomimicus curiosum
Plagiomimicus curiosum


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