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Charles Melton's Miller Canyon Moths

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Epiblemidae through Lymantriiidae
9302078092Hypoprepia inculta
Hypoprepia inculta
9302138094Bruceia pulverina
Bruceia pulverina
9302958115Virbia costata
Virbia costata
9302968116Virbia ostenta
Virbia ostenta
9303178131 – Salt Marsh Moth – Estigmene acrea
Estigmene acrea
9303188132Estigmene albida
Estigmene albida
9303208143Alexicles aspersa
Alexicles aspersa
9303318150Arachnis zuni
Arachnis zuni
9303308155 – Tiger Moth – Arachnis aulaea
Arachnis aulaea
9302558180Apantesis incorrupta
Apantesis incorrupta
Apantesis incorrupta
9303628205 – Davis' Tussock Moth – Halysidota davisii
Halysidota davisii
Halysidota davisii
9303718212Lophocampa mixta
Lophocampa mixta
9303728213Lophocampa pura
Lophocampa pura
9303758216 – Santa Ana Tussock Moth – Lophocampa annulosa
Lophocampa annulosa
9303778217.1Leucanopsis perdentata
Leucanopsis perdentata
9303808218Pseudohemihyalea ambigua
Pseudohemihyalea ambigua
9303798219Apocrisias thaumasta
Apocrisias thaumasta
Apocrisias thaumasta
Apocrisias thaumasta
9303838220Pseudohemihyalea splendens
Pseudohemihyalea splendens
9303828221Pseudohemihyalea labecula
Pseudohemihyalea labecula
9303858225Opharus muricolor
Opharus muricolor


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