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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

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9109716553Pterotaea lamiaria
Pterotaea lamiaria
9110136594 – Double-lined Gray Moth – Cleora sublunaria
Cleora sublunaria
9110176598 – Porcelain Gray Moth – Protoboarmia porcelaria
Protoboarmia porcelaria
9110736652 – Woolly Gray Moth – Lycia ypsilon
Lycia ypsilon
9110806659 – Toothed Phigalia Moth – Phigalia denticulata
Phigalia denticulata
Phigalia denticulata
9110816660 – Small Phigalia Moth – Phigalia strigataria
Phigalia strigataria
9110836662 – Spring Cankerworm Moth – Paleacrita vernata
Paleacrita vernata
Paleacrita vernata
9110916669Lomographa elsinora
Lomographa elsinora
9110936672 – Bordered Fawn Moth – Sericosema juturnaria
Sericosema juturnaria
Sericosema juturnaria
Sericosema juturnaria
9111016680 – Four-lined Cabera Moth – Cabera quadrifasciaria
Cabera quadrifasciaria
9111106688Drepanulatrix carnearia
Drepanulatrix carnearia
9111146692Drepanulatrix monicaria
Drepanulatrix monicaria
9111326711 – Black-dotted Ruddy Moth – Ilexia intractata
Ilexia intractata
9111386714Episemasia cervinaria
Episemasia cervinaria
Episemasia cervinaria
9111496724 – Saw-wing Moth – Euchlaena serrata
Euchlaena serrata
9111606735 – Forked Euchlaena Moth – Euchlaena pectinaria
Euchlaena pectinaria
9111696744Xanthotype attenuaria
Xanthotype attenuaria
Xanthotype attenuaria
9111796748 – Hubner's Pero Moth – Pero ancetaria
Pero ancetaria
9111746749Pero radiosaria
Pero radiosaria
9112026774Aethaloida packardaria
Aethaloida packardaria


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