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David Reed's Moths of Minnesota & Maine

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Zygaenoidea through Pyraloidea
8000805518 – Grease Moth – Aglossa cuprina
Aglossa cuprina
8000865524 – Clover Hayworm Moth – Hypsopygia costalis
Hypsopygia costalis
8000945533 – Yellow-fringed Dolichomia Moth – Hypsopygia olinalis
Hypsopygia olinalis
8000485552 – Boxwood Leaftier Moth – Galasa nigrinodis
Galasa nigrinodis
8000525556 – Dimorphic Tosale Moth – Tosale oviplagalis
Tosale oviplagalis
8001465619Pococera baptisiella
Pococera baptisiella
Pococera baptisiella
8000095630 – Terrenella Bee Moth – Aphomia terrenella
Aphomia terrenella
8001675673 – Hickory Leafstem Borer Moth – Acrobasis angusella
Acrobasis angusella
8003385783 – Striped Birch Pyralid Moth – Ortholepis pasadamia
Ortholepis pasadamia
8003655794Sciota vetustella
Sciota vetustella
8003675796 – Locust Leafroller Moth – Sciota subcaesiella
Sciota subcaesiella
Sciota subcaesiella
8003685797 – Black-spotted Leafroller Moth – Sciota virgatella
Sciota virgatella
Sciota virgatella
8003535799Sciota basilaris
Sciota basilaris
8006515946.2Phycitodes reliquellum
Phycitodes reliquellum
8002225999 – Broad-banded Eulogia Moth – Eulogia ochrifrontella
Eulogia ochrifrontella
Eulogia ochrifrontella
8002326005 – Darker Moodna Moth – Moodna ostrinella
Moodna ostrinella
Moodna ostrinella
8002396007 – Dried Fruit Moth – Vitula edmandsii
Vitula edmandsii
Vitula edmandsii


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