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Arlene Ripley's Moths of Arizona and Maryland

All photographs Arlene Ripley


Crambidae through Drepanidae
8007554775Petrophila jaliscalis
Petrophila jaliscalis
Petrophila jaliscalis
8011324796 – Yellow-veined Moth – Microtheoris ophionalis
Microtheoris ophionalis
8011344798Frechinia helianthiales
Frechinia helianthiales
8011554826 – Rufous-banded Crambid Moth – Mimoschinia rufofascialis
Mimoschinia rufofascialis
8011574827Jativa castanealis
Jativa castanealis
8011304839Mojavia achemonalis
Mojavia achemonalis
Mojavia achemonalis
8010194847 – Cabbage Budworm Moth – Hellula phidilealis
Hellula phidilealis
8010514855Scybalistodes regularis
Scybalistodes regularis
8010364866Abegesta reluctalis
Abegesta reluctalis
8010724898 – Cross-striped Cabbageworm Moth – Evergestis rimosalis
Evergestis rimosalis
8010804906Evergestis vinctalis
Evergestis vinctalis
Evergestis vinctalis
Evergestis vinctalis
8014554978Neohelvibotys arizonensis
Neohelvibotys arizonensis
8014724993Loxostege albiceralis
Loxostege albiceralis
Loxostege albiceralis
801528.985076.98 – Unidentified Pyraustini Moths – Pyraustini sp
Pyraustini sp
8013655156 – Lucerne Moth – Nomophila nearctica
Nomophila nearctica
8012765174 – Recondite Webworm Moth – Diathrausta reconditalis
Diathrausta reconditalis
8012025187Hileithia magualis
Hileithia magualis
8013395239 – Erythrina Borer Moth – Terastia meticulosalis
Terastia meticulosalis
8013285240Agathodes designalis
Agathodes designalis
Agathodes designalis
8011675256 – Fractured Western Snout Moth – Diastictis fracturalis
Diastictis fracturalis
801172.975261.97 – Unidentified Diastictis Moths – Diastictis sp
Diastictis sp
8013735268 – Obscure Psara Moth – Psara obscuralis
Psara obscuralis
800783.975331.99Mesolia sp
Mesolia sp
Mesolia sp
Mesolia sp
Mesolia sp
8008865436Loxocrambus hospition
Loxocrambus hospition
8008435455 – California Grass-veneer Moth – Euchromius californicalis
Euchromius californicalis
8008215464 – Snowy Urola Moth – Urola nivalis
Urola nivalis
8008325471Chilo erianthalis
Chilo erianthalis
800085.975523.97 – Unidentified Aglossa Moths – Aglossa sp
Aglossa sp
8000665571 – Drab Condylolomia Moth – Condylolomia participalis
Condylolomia participalis
8001035580 – Yellow-based Cacozelia Moth – Cacozelia basiochrealis
Cacozelia basiochrealis
Cacozelia basiochrealis
8001105585Toripalpus trabalis
Toripalpus trabalis
8001125588 – Orange-tufted Oneida Moth – Oneida lunulalis
Oneida lunulalis
8001475620 – Mesquite Leaf Tier Moth – Pococera euphemella
Pococera euphemella
8000015622 – Greater Wax Moth – Galleria mellonella
Galleria mellonella
8005235744 – Gold-banded Etiella Moth – Etiella zinckenella
Etiella zinckenella
8003675796 – Locust Leafroller Moth – Sciota subcaesiella
Sciota subcaesiella
8005725960Rostrolaetilia nigromaculella
Rostrolaetilia nigromaculella
8005745962Rostrolaetilia texanella
Rostrolaetilia texanella
8006065980Rumatha polingella
Rumatha polingella
Rumatha polingella
Rumatha polingella
8002236000Ephestiodes gilvescentella
Ephestiodes gilvescentella


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