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David Reed's Moths of Minnesota & Maine

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6204912701.2Episimus transferrana
Episimus transferrana
Episimus transferrana
6204782707 – Javelin Moth – Bactra verutana
Bactra verutana
6204662738 – Verbena Bud Moth – Endothenia hebesana
Endothenia hebesana
6204732745 – Spruce Needleminer Moth – Taniva albolineana
Taniva albolineana
6205382769 – Poplar Leafroller Moth – Pseudosciaphila duplex
Pseudosciaphila duplex
6205392770 – Dusky Leafroller Moth – Orthotaenia undulana
Orthotaenia undulana
6205562787 – Bunchberry Leaffolder Moth – Olethreutes connectum
Olethreutes connectum
6205572788 – Inornate Olethreutes Moth – Olethreutes inornatana
Olethreutes inornatana
6205802812Olethreutes valdanum
Olethreutes valdanum
6205942826 – Lacuna Moth – Olethreutes lacunanum
Olethreutes lacunanum
6206342860 – Pink-washed Leafroller Moth – Hedya separatana
Hedya separatana
6206402866 – Spirea Leaftier Moth – Evora hemidesma
Evora hemidesma
6207352906 – Eye-spotted Bud Moth – Spilonota ocellana
Spilonota ocellana
6207622908Eucosma radiatana
Eucosma radiatana
6208352929 – Buff-tipped Phaneta Moth – Eucosma ochroterminana
Eucosma ochroterminana
6208322937Eucosma parmatana
Eucosma parmatana
6207852981Eucosma perangustana
Eucosma perangustana
Eucosma perangustana
6209843091Pelochrista matutina
Pelochrista matutina
6210023116.2Pelochrista oraria
Pelochrista oraria
Pelochrista oraria
6209263120 – Derelict Eucosma Moth – Pelochrista derelicta
Pelochrista derelicta


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