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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


0700010003 – Chinquapin Leaf-miner Moth – Dyseriocrania griseocapitella
Dyseriocrania griseocapitella
1600880045Ectoedemia similella
Ectoedemia similella
160099.850058.97 – Unidentified Ectodoemia Moths – Ectoedemia sp
Ectoedemia sp
Ectoedemia sp
Ectoedemia sp
2300190126Coptotriche citrinipennella
Coptotriche citrinipennella
2300010144 – Oak Blotch Miner Moth – Tischeria quercitella
Tischeria quercitella
230011.850172.97 – Unidentified Astrotischeria Moths – Astrotischeria sp
Astrotischeria sp
2100440200.1 – Bogus Yucca Moth – Prodoxus decipiens
Prodoxus decipiens
3001050261Nemapogon acapnopennella
Nemapogon acapnopennella
3001130267Nemapogon interstitiella
Nemapogon interstitiella
3001150269Nemapogon multistriatella
Nemapogon multistriatella


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