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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

David Reed's Moths of Minnesota & Maine

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0700010003 – Chinquapin Leaf-miner Moth – Dyseriocrania griseocapitella
Dyseriocrania griseocapitella
160003.860118.99 – Unidentified Nepticulidae Moths – Nepticulidae sp
Nepticulidae sp
1601030119Pseudopostega cretea
Pseudopostega cretea
Pseudopostega cretea
2300190126Coptotriche citrinipennella
Coptotriche citrinipennella
2100720230Heliozela aesella
Heliozela aesella
3001070263Nemapogon auropulvella
Nemapogon auropulvella
Nemapogon auropulvella
Nemapogon auropulvella
3002240276Doleromorpha porphyria
Doleromorpha porphyria
3001230282Leucomele miriamella
Leucomele miriamella
3001240283Oenoe hybromella
Oenoe hybromella
Oenoe hybromella
300136.970295.97 – Unidentified Homosetia Moths – Homosetia sp
Homosetia sp
3001820300 – Yellow Wave Moth – Hybroma servulella
Hybroma servulella
3002230317 – Clemens' Bark Moth – Xylesthia pruniramiella
Xylesthia pruniramiella
3000460334Amydria effrentella
Amydria effrentella
Amydria effrentella
3000800340 – Grass Tubeworm Moth – Acrolophus arcanella
Acrolophus arcanella
3000600373 – Clemens' Grass Tubeworm Moth – Acrolophus popeanella
Acrolophus popeanella
3001440392Tinea apicimaculella
Tinea apicimaculella
Tinea apicimaculella
3001710416 – Skunkback Monopis Moth – Monopis dorsistrigella
Monopis dorsistrigella
3001720417Monopis marginistrigella
Monopis marginistrigella
3001740418.1 – Pavlovski's Monopis Moth – Monopis pavlovski
Monopis pavlovski
300198.860434.99 – Unidentified Tineid Moths – Tineidae sp
Tineidae sp


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