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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Dale Habeck Collection at the McGuire Center

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Butterfly & Moth Larvae
1256754115Calpodes ethlius
Calpodes ethlius
1265254157Battus philenor
Battus philenor
1271254181Papilio troilus
Papilio troilus
1287004228Phoebis sennae
Phoebis sennae
1346254434Vanessa virginiensis
Vanessa virginiensis
1370754523Limenitis archippus
Limenitis archippus
1379754550Marpesia petreus
Marpesia petreus
1380754553Anaea troglodyta
Anaea troglodyta
1407004650 – White Flannel Moth – Norape ovina
Norape ovina
1419254697 – Spiny Oak-slug Moth – Euclea delphinii
Euclea delphinii
1436254759 – Polymorphic Pondweed Moth – Parapoynx maculalis
Parapoynx maculalis
Parapoynx maculalis
Parapoynx maculalis
1437254763 – Floating-heart Waterlilly Moth – Parapoynx seminealis
Parapoynx seminealis
1482004938Epicorsia oedipodalis
Epicorsia oedipodalis
Epicorsia oedipodalis
1540755151 – Salvinia Stem-borer Moth – Samea multiplicalis
Samea multiplicalis
1564755240Agathodes designalis
Agathodes designalis
1576255282Cryptobotys zoilusalis
Cryptobotys zoilusalis
1596255355 – Common Grass-veneer Moth – Crambus praefectellus
Crambus praefectellus
1646255531 – Southern Hayworm Moth – Hypsopygia nostralis
Hypsopygia nostralis
1658505579 – Zeller's Epipaschia Moth – Macalla zelleri
Macalla zelleri
1660005585Toripalpus trabalis
Toripalpus trabalis


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