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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Sam Houston – Sand Springs, Oklahoma
Cameraria quercivorella
0835Cameraria quercivorella
Elachista sp
1132.97Elachista sp
Unidentified Elachista Moths
Coleophora limosipennella
1301.1Coleophora limosipennella
Walshia miscecolorella
1615Walshia miscecolorella
Sweetclover Root Borer Moth
Fascista cercerisella
2204Fascista cercerisella
Redbud Leaffolder Moth
Synanthedon arkansasensis
2575Synanthedon arkansasensis
Phaneta sp
3007.97Phaneta sp
Unidentified Phaneta Moths
Chimoptesis pennsylvaniana
3273Chimoptesis pennsylvaniana
Filigreed Moth
Archips grisea
3660Archips grisea
Gray Archips Moth
Scoparia dominicki
4720Scoparia dominicki
Eustixia pupula
4794Eustixia pupula
Spotted Peppergrass Moth
Perispasta caeculalis
4951Perispasta caeculalis
Titian Peale's Pyralid Moth
Leptosteges parthenialis
5303Leptosteges parthenialis
Argyria auratella
5465Argyria auratella
Curve-lined Argyria Moth
Hypsopygia olinalis
5533Hypsopygia olinalis
Yellow-fringed Dolichomia Moth
Hypsopygia olinalis
5533Hypsopygia olinalis
Yellow-fringed Dolichomia Moth
Meroptera cviatella
5786Meroptera cviatella
Poplar Bud Borer Moth
Ceratonyx permagnaria
6779Ceratonyx permagnaria
Lobocleta ossularia
7094Lobocleta ossularia
Drab Brown Wave Moth
Idaea demissaria
7114Idaea demissaria
Red-Bordered Wave Moth
Hyperaeschra georgica
7917Hyperaeschra georgica
Georgian Prominent Moth
Gluphisia septentrionis
7931Gluphisia septentrionis
Common Gluphisia Moth
Euerythra phasma
8141Euerythra phasma
Red-tailed Specter Moth
Apantesis f-pallida
8189Apantesis f-pallida
Apantesis f-pallida
8189Apantesis f-pallida
Apantesis f-pallida
8189Apantesis f-pallida
Idia lubricalis
8334Idia lubricalis
Glossy Black Idia Moth
Bleptina caradrinalis
8370Bleptina caradrinalis
Bent-winged Owlet Moth
Panopoda rufimargo
8587Panopoda rufimargo
Red-lined Panopoda Moth
Phoberia ingenua
8591.1Phoberia ingenua
Matigramma pulverilinea
8679Matigramma pulverilinea
Dusty Lined Matigramma Moth
Spragueia leo
9127Spragueia leo
Common Spragueia Moth
Alypia octomaculata
9314Alypia octomaculata
Eight-spotted Forester Moth
Magusa orbifera
9637Magusa orbifera
Perigea xanthioides
9689Perigea xanthioides
Red Groundling Moth
Xystopeplus rufago
9942Xystopeplus rufago
Red-winged Sallow Moth
Psaphida rolandi
10014Psaphida rolandi
Roland's Sallow Moth
Sympistis infixa
10065Sympistis infixa
Broad-lined Sallow Moth
Sympistis kappa
10066.2Sympistis kappa
Homorthodes lindseyi
10532.1Homorthodes lindseyi
Southern Scurfy Quaker Moth
Peridroma saucia
10915Peridroma saucia
Variegated Cutworm Moth
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