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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Steve Nanz – Brooklyn, New York
Lytrosis unitaria
6720Lytrosis unitaria
Common Lytrosis Moth
Gueneria similaria
6815Gueneria similaria
Tetracis cachexiata
6964Tetracis cachexiata
White Slant-Line Moth
Synchlora pectinaria
7066Synchlora pectinaria
Rheumaptera subhastata
7294Rheumaptera subhastata
White-banded Black Moth
Xanthorhoe ferrugata
7388Xanthorhoe ferrugata
Red Twin-Spot Moth
Hydrelia inornata
7422Hydrelia inornata
Unadorned Carpet Moth
Eupithecia columbiata
7459Eupithecia columbiata
Apatelodes torrefacta
7663Apatelodes torrefacta
Spotted Apatelodes Moth
Phyllodesma americana
7687Phyllodesma americana
Lappet Moth
Manduca sexta
7775Manduca sexta
Carolina Sphinx Moth
Hemaris thysbe
7853Hemaris thysbe
Hummingbird Clearwing Moth
Cautethia grotei
7867Cautethia grotei
Grote's Sphinx Moth
Amphion floridensis
7873Amphion floridensis
Nessus Sphinx Moth
Clostera albosigma
7895Clostera albosigma
Sigmoid Prominent Moth
Heterocampa guttivitta
7994Heterocampa guttivitta
Saddled Prominent Moth
Crambidia pallida
8045.1Crambidia pallida
Pale Lichen Moth
Utetheisa ornatrix
8105Utetheisa ornatrix
Ornate Bella Moth
Virbia ferruginosa
8123Virbia ferruginosa
Rusty Holomelina Moth
Spilosoma congrua
8134Spilosoma congrua
Agreeable Tiger Moth
Cisseps fulvicollis
8267Cisseps fulvicollis
Yellow-collared Scape Moth
Cisseps fulvicollis
8267Cisseps fulvicollis
Yellow-collared Scape Moth
Idia concisa of authors
8323.1Idia concisa of authors
Idia concisa of authors
8323.1Idia concisa of authors
Zanclognatha protumnusalis
8349Zanclognatha protumnusalis
Zanclognatha marcidilinea
8352Zanclognatha marcidilinea
Yellowish Zanclognatha Moth
Renia factiosalis
8379Renia factiosalis
Sociable Renia Moth
Renia adspergillus
8386Renia adspergillus
Speckled Renia Moth
Palpidia pallidior
8517Palpidia pallidior
Cissusa mucronata
8593Cissusa mucronata
Melipotis prolata
8606Melipotis prolata
Prolata Melipotis Moth
Zale fictilis
8687Zale fictilis
Zale lunata
8689Zale lunata
Lunate Zale Moth
Zale aeruginosa
8694Zale aeruginosa
Green-dusted Zale Moth
Caenurgina erechtea
8739Caenurgina erechtea
Forage Looper Moth
Caenurgina erechtea
8739Caenurgina erechtea
Forage Looper Moth
Catocala badia
8777Catocala badia
Bay Underwing Moth
Catocala parta
8806Catocala parta
Mother Underwing Moth
Catocala sordida
8846Catocala sordida
Sordid Underwing Moth
Catocala praeclara
8865Catocala praeclara
Praeclara Underwing Moth
Autographa precationis
8908Autographa precationis
Common Looper Moth
Anagrapha falcifera
8924Anagrapha falcifera
Celery Looper Moth
Syngrapha octoscripta
8926Syngrapha octoscripta
Dusky Silver Y Moth
Marathyssa inficita
8955Marathyssa inficita
Dark Marathyssa Moth
Paectes abrostoloides
8962Paectes abrostoloides
Large Paectes Moth
Garella nilotica
8974Garella nilotica
Black-olive Caterpillar Moth
Marimatha nigrofimbria
9044Marimatha nigrofimbria
Black-bordered Lemon Moth
Maliattha synochitis
9049Maliattha synochitis
Black-dotted Lithacodia Moth
Colocasia flavicornis
9184Colocasia flavicornis
Yellowhorn Moth
Caradrina multifera
9657Caradrina multifera
Speckled Rustic Moth
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