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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Preston Scott Justis – Virginia Beach, Virginia
Tinea apicimaculella
0392Tinea apicimaculella
Monopis sp.
0421.97Monopis sp.
Bedellia somnulentella
0466Bedellia somnulentella
Cameraria quercivorella
0835Cameraria quercivorella
Inga sparsiciliella
1034Inga sparsiciliella
Euclemensia bassettella
1467Euclemensia bassettella
Chionodes hibiscella
2084Chionodes hibiscella
Stegasta bosqueella
2209Stegasta bosqueella
Polyhymno luteostrigella
2211Polyhymno luteostrigella
Dichomeris punctipennella
2288Dichomeris punctipennella
Carmenta pyralidiformis
2608Carmenta pyralidiformis
Bactra verutana
2707Bactra verutana
Sonia constrictana
3218Sonia constrictana
Grapholita angleseana
3430Grapholita angleseana
Platynota idaeusalis
3740Platynota idaeusalis
Tortricidia pallida
4653Tortricidia pallida
Tortricidia pallida
4653Tortricidia pallida
Tortricidia pallida
4653Tortricidia pallida
Diatraea lisetta
5481Diatraea lisetta
Aglossa caprealis
5517Aglossa caprealis
Arta statalis
5566Arta statalis
Epipaschia superatalis
5577Epipaschia superatalis
Orthonama obstipata
7414Orthonama obstipata
Orthonama obstipata
7414Orthonama obstipata
Macrurocampa marthesia
7975Macrurocampa marthesia
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