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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Marcin Roguski – Warsaw, Poland
Lithacodes fasciola
4665Lithacodes fasciola
Petrophila avernalis
4781Petrophila avernalis
Pyrausta nexalis
5019Pyrausta nexalis
Pyrausta signatalis
5034Pyrausta signatalis
Ambesa laetella
5759Ambesa laetella
Eumacaria madopata
6272Eumacaria madopata
Macaria helena
6277Macaria helena
Glena nigricaria
6448Glena nigricaria
Euchlaena mollisaria
6730Euchlaena mollisaria
Leptostales rubromarginaria
7179Leptostales rubromarginaria
Dysstroma formosa
7191Dysstroma formosa
Gloveria arizonensis
7696Gloveria arizonensis
Coloradia doris
7725Coloradia doris
Sphinx vashti
7803Sphinx vashti
Hypercompe permaculata
8144Hypercompe permaculata
Apantesis williamsii
8186Apantesis williamsii
Dasychira plagiata
8304Dasychira plagiata
Metalectra discalis
8499Metalectra discalis
Ponometia binocula
9089Ponometia binocula
Ponometia candefacta
9090Ponometia candefacta
Tarache areli
9159Tarache areli
Anarta obesula
10231Anarta obesula
Ulolonche disticha
10573Ulolonche disticha
Protoschinia nuchalis
11082Protoschinia nuchalis
Schinia roseitincta
11092Schinia roseitincta
Schinia roseitincta
11092Schinia roseitincta
Schinia gaurae
11168Schinia gaurae
Schinia sanguinea
11173Schinia sanguinea
Schinia meadi
11175Schinia meadi
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