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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Margarethe Brummermann – Tucson, Arizona
Alypiodes bimaculata
9312Alypiodes bimaculata
Euplexia triplaga
9544Euplexia triplaga
Properigea continens
9590Properigea continens
Miracavira brillians
9620Miracavira brillians
Bryolymnia viridimedia
9685Bryolymnia viridimedia
Bryolymnia semifascia
9686Bryolymnia semifascia
Bryolymnia anthracitaria
9686.1Bryolymnia anthracitaria
Stibaera thyatiroides
9716Stibaera thyatiroides
Azenia edentata
9726Azenia edentata
Plagiomimicus n. sp.
9755.97Plagiomimicus n. sp.
Chrysoecia scira
9761Chrysoecia scira
Nocloa cordova
9796Nocloa cordova
Nocloa alcandra
9799Nocloa alcandra
Nocloa alcandra
9799Nocloa alcandra
Nocloa aliaga
9800Nocloa aliaga
Euamiana contrasta
9807Euamiana contrasta
Prothrinax luteomedia
9829Prothrinax luteomedia
Viridemas galena
10023Viridemas galena
Oxycnemis advena
10039Oxycnemis advena
Dargida grammivora
10429Dargida grammivora
Euxoa serricornis
10744Euxoa serricornis
Abagrotis reedi
11040Abagrotis reedi
Psectrotarsia suavis
11066Psectrotarsia suavis
Heliocheilus julia
11075Heliocheilus julia
Heliocheilus toralis
11076Heliocheilus toralis
Schinia mexicana
11134.3Schinia mexicana
Schinia miniana
11155Schinia miniana
Schinia obliqua
11196Schinia obliqua
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