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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Libby & Rick Avis – Port Alberni, British Columbia
Polia richardsoni
10279Polia richardsoni
Trichordestra liquida
10308Trichordestra liquida
Papestra cristifera
10312Papestra cristifera
Hada sutrina
10324Hada sutrina
Coranarta luteola
10332Coranarta luteola
Lacinipolia cuneata
10371Lacinipolia cuneata
Lacinipolia pensilis
10395Lacinipolia pensilis
Lacinipolia patalis
10423Lacinipolia patalis
Mythimna oxygala
10436Mythimna oxygala
Leucania dia
10449.1Leucania dia
Acerra normalis
10470Acerra normalis
Orthosia praeses
10480Orthosia praeses
Orthosia mys
10481Orthosia mys
Egira simplex
10506Egira simplex
Egira simplex
10506Egira simplex
Egira crucialis
10508Egira crucialis
Egira curialis
10511Egira curialis
Egira rubrica
10514Egira rubrica
Egira rubrica
10514Egira rubrica
Homorthodes communis
10533Homorthodes communis
Homorthodes fractura
10534Homorthodes fractura
Homorthodes hanhami
10539Homorthodes hanhami
Zosteropoda hirtipes
10607Zosteropoda hirtipes
Agrotis vancouverensis
10652Agrotis vancouverensis
Euxoa tristicula
10723Euxoa tristicula
Euxoa vetusta
10724Euxoa vetusta
Euxoa olivia
10741Euxoa olivia
Euxoa obeliscoides
10817Euxoa obeliscoides
Euxoa difformis
10845Euxoa difformis
Ochropleura implecta
10891Ochropleura implecta
Euxoa bochus
10913Euxoa bochus
Diarsia esurialis
10920Diarsia esurialis
Diarsia rosaria
10921Diarsia rosaria
Diarsia rosaria
10921Diarsia rosaria
Actebia fennica
10924Actebia fennica
Graphiphora augur
10928Graphiphora augur
Xestia okakensis
10939Xestia okakensis
Xestia smithii
10944Xestia smithii
Xestia xanthographa
10945Xestia xanthographa
Xestia xanthographa
10945Xestia xanthographa
Xestia oblata
10947Xestia oblata
Xestia mustelina
10971Xestia mustelina
Xestia verniloides
10973.1Xestia verniloides
Adelphagrotis indeterminata
10991Adelphagrotis indeterminata
Cerastis enigmatica
10995.2Cerastis enigmatica
Anaplectoides pressus
11001Anaplectoides pressus
Noctua comes
11003.2Noctua comes
Eueretagrotis perattentus
11008Eueretagrotis perattentus
Xestia plebeia
11011Xestia plebeia
Xestia plebeia
11011Xestia plebeia
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