Apamea pallifera. The species Apamea pallifera, comb. n. was originally described in Polia Ochsenheimer, but listed in Andropolia Grote by Franclemont and Todd (1983) and Poole (1989). The holotype is a species of Apamea purportedly from Illinois. The comment from North American workers who have seen the type is that it is probably a Eurasian species. Eurasian workers say it is not Eurasian. It is possible that it is an extremely rare species that has never been recollected, a situation somewhat similar to that of Apamea smythi. The problem did not emerge until after the publication of Mikkola et al. (2009). The type has not yet been dissected but the form of the anal papillae put it with the species groups with blunt, rounded anal papillae.