Anarta Ochsenheimer. Fibiger and Hacker (2005) synonymized Anarta and Discestra Hampson and the generic combinations for the two species that occur in North America and Eurasia (A. trifolii and A. farnhami) are from that publication. The remaining combinations transferred from Discestra, and those from Trichoclea Grote, are from Mustelin (2006).

The genus Trichoclea Grote was synonymized with Anarta Ochsenheimer by Fibiger and Hacker (2005). Some of the North American species in Trichoclea in Franclemont and Todd (1983) were transferred to Anarta by Mustelin (2006). Other species placed in Trichoclea in Franclemont and Todd (1983) are better associated with the genus Sideridis and were transferred by Schmidt and Anweiler (2010a).