Photedes. The genus Hypocoena Hampson was synonymized with Chortodes Tutt by Kononenko et al. (1989), so the North American species were transferred to Chortodes. More recently, Chotodes was synonymized with Photedes Lederer by Zilli et al. (2005) and Hypocoena reinstated as a valid genus. Four North American species that had been transferred to Chortodes are now moved to Photedes [= Chortodes], three provisionally. P. panatela, comb. n., P. enervata, comb. n., [= P. orphnina, comb. n., syn. n.], and P. defecta, comb. n. There are no differences in genitalia between southern P. enervata and northern P. orphnina, syn. n. and forms blend together in a cline with every combination of form in between. [Contributed by Eric L. Quinter].

Spartiniphaga McDunnough. Spartiniphaga, syn. n., is a synonym of Photedes Lederer resulting in the new combinations Photedes inops, comb. n., P. carterae, comb. n., P. includens, comb. n., and P. panatela, comb. n.