Subfamily Noctuinae. We follow the inclusive definition of the Noctuinae from Beck (1960) and Poole (1995). Fibiger and Lafontaine (2005) and Lafontaine and Fibiger (2006) arranged this group into three subfamilies, Xyleninae, Hadeninae, and Noctuinae s.s. Molecular data suggests that the Xyleninae is a paraphyletic group with at least four smaller generic clades segregating as sister groups to the Xyleninae + Hadeninae + Noctuinae, so we feel a more inclusive definition to this economically important group is better than creating numerous small subfamilies. The tribal and subtribal classification is adapted from Fibiger and Lafontaine (2005). The subfamilies Xyleninae, Hadeninae, and Noctuinae s.s. are treated as tribes of the Noctuinae s.l.