Subfamily Oncocnemidinae. The Oncocnemidini Franclemont & Forbes, 1954 was treated as the subfamily Oncocnemidinae by Poole (1995) and redescribed by Troubridge (2008). There is an older name for the subfamily, namely Cleophaninae Heinemann, 1859 based on the genus Cleophana Boisduval, Rambur & Graslin, a junior objective synonym of Calophasia Stephens. The name has not been used as a family-group name since the mid-1800's, so we treat it as a nomen oblitum. The family-group name Stilbiidae Guenée, 1852 is based on the genus Stilbia Stephens. Stilbia and its close relatives were associated with the Oncocnemidini [as a tribe of the Cuculliinae] by Ronkay et al. (2001) on the basis of similarities in the genitalia such as the ventral clasper and the cornuti-covered vesica. These characters, however, are shared by the Oncocnemidinae, Amphipyrinae, and the Old World subfamily Metoponiinae. Beck (1996, 1999-2000) includes the Stilbia group of genera in the subtribe Stilbiina in the tribe Stiriini sensu Beck [not Grote] on the basis of larval characters. This Old World group of genera is now in the Metoponiinae, the Stiriina being restricted to the New World and included in the Amphipyrinae. We retain the current usage of the name Oncocnemidinae until the phylogenetic relationships of the Oncocnemidinae, Amphipyrinae, and Metoponiinae are better understood. The subfamily name Stilbiinae would have priority over the Oncocnemidinae and the Metoponiinae.