Protodeltote Ueda. Ueda's (1984, 1987) revision of the Deltote R. L. [the name of the author R. L. is unknown] group of genera was restricted to the fauna of Japan and Taiwan, although the North American species Lithacodia bellicula was included because it is the type-species of Lithacodia Hübner, a synonym of Deltote R. L. The valves of Lithacodia muscosula (Guenée) and L. albidula (Guenée) are similar to those of Deltote bellicula, but the wing pattern and vesica characters are similar to those of the Eurasian species Lithacodia pygarga (Hufnagel, 1766), which Ueda (1984) made the type-species of Protodeltote Ueda, so these two North American species are transferred to Protodeltote as P. muscosula (Guenée), comb. n. and P. albidula (Guenée), comb. n.