Subfamily Eulepidotinae. DNA results from Zahiri et al. (2010) suggest that the Eulepidotini and Panopodini are not clades within the subfamily Erebidae, so the Eulepidotini is raised to subfamily status and includes the tribes Eulepidotini and Panopodini. The female genitalia have the ostial opening in the membrane between the seventh and eighth abdominal sternite, not displaced anteriorly into the seventh sternite as it is in many tribes of the Erebidae, such as Euclidiini, Poaphilini, and Ophiusini. We place it on the list after these tribes because males of the Eulepidotini and Panopodini have the same form of long mid-tibial hair pencils arising from a groove covered with flat translucent white scales. Some genera (e.g., Eulepidotis Hübner and Panopoda Guenée) also have a differently structured hair pencil on the hind tibia.