Subfamily Anobinae. DNA results for Anoba Walker and related genera are highly volatile and range from the group being nested within the Eulepidotinae, to a highly isolated group of Erebidae (Zahiri et al. 2010; Zahiri, pers. comm.). They were proposed as a tribe of the Catocalinae s. l. by Holloway (2005), but we raise them to subfamily status on the basis of the DNA results where they are well removed from the Erebinae. They differ from most tribes of the Erebinae in that the ostial opening is not displaced into the seventh abdominal sternite, and from these tribes and the Eulepidotinae in lacking the characteristic form of mid-tibial hair pencil of these taxa. Some genera have massive tufts of hair on the tibiae, espcially the hind tibia (e.g., Deinopa Walker). The Anobinae are reviewed by Lafontaine and Walsh (2010a).