Sigela Nye. Quandara brauneata (Swett, 1913) was placed in the genus Sigela Hulst, 1896, by Fibiger and Lafontaine (2005) and the two genera synonymized on the basis of similarities in the male genitalia. Quandara is a replacement name for the preoccupied genus Lycaugesia Hampson, the genus to which Eois brauneata Swett was transferred when it was discovered that it was a noctuid, not a geometrid. Sigela brauneata, like other species of Sigela, has a trifine forewing, unique in the Erebidae, and the reason why Sigela penumbrata Hulst and Eois brauneata were described as geometrids. Lycaugesia hypozonata Hampson, the type-species of Lycaugesia Hampson (and Quandara Nye) has a quadrifine forewing, so Quandara, stat. rev., is not a synonym of Sigela but at present includes only the species Quandara hypozonata (Hampson). Sigela brauneata is the most divergent species in Sigela in male and female genital characters and may be relegated to a new genus when the group is revised.