Abablemma Nye. The genus Abablemma was transferred to the Araeopteroninae by Fibiger and Lafontaine (2005) on the basis of small size and the split valve of the male genitalia. Larval characteristics (Wagner 2008), molecular results from COI, and a reassessment of the valve character lead us to transfer Abablemma to the Scolecocampinae next to Phobolosia Grote, its apparent closest relative. The valve of Abablemma is split, as it is in Araeopteroninae, Scolecocampinae, and many Herminiinae, but the dorsal (costal) part of the valve is heavily sclerotized in Abablemma, the Scolecocampinae, and the Herminiinae, whereas in the Araeopteroninae the ventral part of the valve is heavily sclerotized and finger-like with the apex swollen.