Eremobina leucoscelis. Eremobina leucoscelis (Grote, 1874), stat. rev., (= E. fibulata (Morrison, 1874), syn. n., = E. jocasta (Smith, 1900), syn. n.) generally replaces E. claudens south of the boreal zone, mainly in peat bogs, and differs in antennal structure and DNA barcodes. The original description of leucoscelis appeared sometime after March 1874 based on the introductory text of the publication with Grote's (1874) description of leucoscelis, whereas the issue with the description of fibulata is dated as July 1874. Since Grote (1875) and Hampson (1908) both treat leucoscelis as the senior name, and there is no evidence to the contrary, we accept leucoscelis as the older name. There appear to be at least two unnamed species in western North America; the genus is in need of revision.