Ufeus satyricus. Although the type specimen of Ufeus barometricus, syn. rev. from northern Ontario is lost, the original description allows the name to be associated with Ufeus satyricus and not with U. plicatus, as in the Franclemont and Todd (1983) check list.

Ufeus satyricus saggitarius. The western populations of Ufeus satyricus do not look like the same species as the typical eastern form. However, the genitalia and DNA barcode do not give any support to their recognition as a distinct species and intergrades occur in an area of overlap in western Montana and Wyoming.

Ufeus electra, stat. rev. and U. hulsti, syn. n. (described on the same page) were listed as western subspecies of U. plicatus by Franclemont and Todd (1983). They differ from U. plicatus in the DNA barcode, in having a wider clasper, the ventral band (brush) of cornuti in the vesica contains more cornuti, which are smaller and more numerous than in U. plicatus, so the brush appears to be the same size. Consequently, Ufeus electra is treated as a separate species from U. plicatus.