Protorthodes incincta. = P. saturnus, syn. n., = P. indra, syn. n., = P. daviesi, syn. n. P. indra is a pale xeric habitat form (type locality: Prescott, Arizona) and P. daviesi (type locality: Fort Wingate, New Mexico) is a darker montane form with the central part of the forewing paler. Neither shows any differences in genitalia from typical P. incincta from farther north and east and the forms intergrade in appearance where they meet. The DNA barcode shows some isolation of the southern Wyoming/northern Colorado population of form daviesi (0.8%), but topotypical populations in the Zuni Mts of New Mexico show no barcode segregation. P. utahensis and P. akalus were synonymized by Schmidt and Anweiler (2010a).