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National Moth Week 2020, July 18-26
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The Moths of North America
Fascicle 25.4
Noctuoidea Noctuidae (Part)
Pantheinae, Raphiinae,
Balsinae, Acronictinae
Order from Wedge

Greetings moth enthusiasts! Wow, what a wild ride we've been on since my last post! In early March, I and my family relocated from our home in Brooklyn, NY to western PA where we normally spend our summers. Aside from the anxiety and disruption brought on by Covid-19, I and my loved ones have fared well. I hope you have as well.

National Moth Week. Please take note that National Moth Week 2020 will be held on July 18-26. Click here to register online.

New Noctuoidea Fascicle. MONA Fascicle 25.4, the long awaited volume covering Acronictinae, has been published by the Wedge Entomological Research Foundation. MPG has been updated per this important work.

Moth Photographers Group Foundation. I apologize to our supporters for the delay in getting things off the ground with the MPG Foundation. Aside from some preliminary work, I've been mostly focused on adding new images to MPG, keeping the taxonomy current and correcting errors. I do hope to get things back on tracks with the Foundation later this summer so please be patient.

Request for Photos Editor Volunteer. Those of you who are familiar with MPG know that photos are processed in a manner which fascilitates image comparisons. I enjoy the work but it is time consuming so I could use some help and am looking for a committed volunteer. If interested, please send me an email.

-- Steve Nanz

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