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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

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  National and Regional Websites

North America

North America Moth Images on the Web. John Snyder's website at Furman Univ.
Canada Moths of Canada. A very complete Canadian website for macrolepidoptera.
United States Moths (and Butterflies) of North America. Updated & improved USGS website.
Arizona The Moths of Southeastern Arizona. Bruce Walsh's website at the Univ. of Arizona.
Arkansas Moths of Arkansas. Biology Dept. site at Henderson St. Univ.
Georgia Georgia Lepidoptera. James Adams' website at Dalton State Univ.
North Dakota Moths of North Dakota. Gerald Fauske's website at North Dakota State Univ.
Arizona Pacific Northwest Moths. Colorful, Complex, Complete for macromoths.

  Entomological Museums


Strickland Entomological Museum at the Univ. of Alberta
Florida McGuire Center for Biodiversity and Lepidoptera Research
Mississippi Mississippi Entomological Museum at Mississippi State Univ.

  Websites for Specific Moth Families or Subfamilies

Bombycoidea. etc.

Bombycoidea, Drepanoidea, Lasiocampoidea and Mimallonoidea of Canada
Catocalinae Underwing Moths of North America. by Bill Oehlke.
Gelechiidae Gelechiidae at Mississippi Entomological Museum
Geometridae Geometrine Species
Geometroidea Geometroidea of Canada
Saturniidae Saturniidae of the United States
Sphingidae Sphingidae of the United States by Bill Oehlke
Tortricidae Tortricid.Net
Tortricidae Eurasian Tortricidae Index

  Caterpillar Websites

USDA, Forest Service

Caterpillars on the Foliage of Conifers in the Northeastern United States.
USDA, Forest Service Caterpillars of Pacific Northwest Forests and Woodlands.
USDA, Forest Service Caterpillars of Eastern Forests
Pedro Barbosa's Macrolepidoptera at Maryland University.
Social Caterpillars

  MPG Contributor Local Websites


Escambia Lepidoptera. -- Darryl Searcy
Connecticut Connecticut Moths. -- John Himmelman
Connecticut Wing Watchers Moth Index. -- Dave Pelletier
Florida Keysmoths (Exploring Moths of the Florida Keys). -- David Fine
Illinois Moth Photo Gallery. -- Bruce Marlin
Kentucky Moths in a Kentucky Garden. -- Leisa Royse
Maryland 1,000 Species in a Maryland Yard. -- Bob Patterson
Maryland Mainly Moths of Maryland. -- Larry Line
Michigan Moths of Michigan. -- Cindy Mead
New York New York Moths. -- Steve Walter
New York Mostly New York Moths. -- Steve Nanz
North Carolina Moths of Ft. Macon State Park. -- Randy Newman
Ohio Moths in Zanesville, Ohio. -- Amy Lavy
Oklahoma Oklahoma WildThings. -- Charles S. Lewallen
Ontario Photographs from Nature. -- Jay Cossey
Ontario Thumbnail Index to Moth Families. -- D. Lynn Scott
Tennessee Lepidoptera of East Tennessee -- Dean Edwards
Texas Claire Curry's Moth Photos. -- Greenwood, Wise County
Texas Selected Moths of South Texas -- Mike Quinn
Virginia Buckeyeland Insects. -- Jim Kennedy
West Virginia Nature Photography. -- Stephen Cresswell

  Miscellaneous Collections

Ken Gray Collection at Oregon State Univ.
Stored Products Insects

  UK and European Websites


Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of Belgium
Finland Kimmo's Lep Site
United Kingdom UKmoths
United Kingdom UK Photo Gallery
United Kingdom Tony Davison's UK Moths
United Kingdom Jeff Higgott's UK Lepidoptera
Europe & N. Africa Moths and Butterflies of Europe and North Africa
Eurasia Eurasian Tortricidae Index

  Names for Moths and Other Cool Stuff
Florida Common Names for Florida Lepidoptera
Ontario Pembroke Field Naturalists - Ontario Common Names
UF Book of Insect Records

  Equipment and Supplies

BioQuip. Large entomological supply house and bookseller.
Leptraps. Specialized moth-attracting lights and trapping equipment.

Moth Photographers Group  at the  Mississippi Entomological Museum  at the  Mississippi State University

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