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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Selected Moths in the Mississippi Entomological Museum
The Clay Lyle Entomology Complex houses the Mississippi Entomological Museum at Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS.

Museum photos by Joe MacGown

Insect specimens are stored in many cabinets in several rooms.
Edda Martinez examining a tray of specimens.

Photographs were made of about 500 species (out of a collection of 6,000+ species) selected either because they were not yet represented on MPG plates or, in some cases, in an attempt to upgrade existing photos or to display added variation of species already represented. In numerous instances photos were enhanced by Nolie Schneider who removed minuten blocks from backgrounds and brightened, refocused or straightened them. Kristen Sauby, a graduate student at the museum, photographed the macromoths.

I thank Richard L. Brown, the museum's director, for access to the collection, and Terence Schiefer, Joe MacGown, SangMi Lee and Edda Martinez-Calez for many acts of kindness. Beth Patterson was of much assistance in helping with the workflow for six days. Any errors found in the pages that follow are mine, and I will be grateful for corrections. ~ Bob Patterson.

0002 - 0451 Micropterigidae - Psychidae
0462 - 1495 Lyonetiidae - Cosmopterigidae
1500 - 2691 Cosmopterigidae - Cossidae
2704 - 3498 Tortricidae [Cacocheris - Ecdytolopha]
3506 - 3863 Tortricidae [Acleris - Rolandylis]
4715 - 5488 Crambidae [Scoparia - Haimbachia]
6076 - 11233 Macromoths

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