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Bob Belmont's

Geometridae of North America

Hypagyrtis Variants     Variation in a Sicya Species

My collection includes more than 10,000 spread specimens from America north of Mexico plus hundreds of papered and frozen specimens. There are over 800 species represented by generally short series that have been authoritatively identified over the years. The majority, about 2/3 of the collection, comprises west coast material and the rest is from the eastern US. There is very little Canadian material, and almost nothing else from other countries.

I have been collecting since 1967, but many specimens that I have obtained from trading were collected earlier. I have corresponded and traded for about 30 years with Ron Leuschner for hundreds of authoritatively identified specimens. I first met Dr. Doug Ferguson in 1970 and corresponded with him until he passed away. He reviewed and placed determination labels on a number of my Semiothisini and provided some of the specimens in my collection. I have visited Many of the major national, regional and state collections to identify my material. John S. Buckett & Bill Bauer's collection and their inspiration led me to pursue geos in 1966. Since then I have traded with a number of collectors including Kelly Richers, J.S. Nordin, R.C. Mower, James Adams, Steve Miller, Terry Sears, Baldo Villegas, Jeff Slotten, Leroy Koehn, the late Bryant Mather, Charlie Covell, Debbie Matthews-Lott, Wally Kmentt, Jeff Slotten, Tom Neal and Paul Opler. Recently, Rick Gillmore who lives across town, brought over hundreds of his geometrids to enrich my Florida and Arizona material.

Charlie Covell, Dr. Ferguson, and Ron Leuschner were most helpful over the years in identifying my specimens. I worked closely for a number of years with Bob Schuster at the UC Davis collection while initially collecting and preparing my California specimens, and during preparation, collection, and donation of thousands of my specimens representing many orders of insects to their collection. Howard Weems, before he retired, and John Heppner at the Division of Plant Industry in Gainesville helped me with collection materials as a Research Associate, as I continued to collect and donate thousands of insects to their facility. My goal is to aid the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera in Gainesville in building the finest collection in the world of Geometrids of America North of Mexico. Someday I hope to work at the Center full-time.

Bob Belmont's
Subfamilies -- Hodges Numbers    
  • Plate 01.0
  • Plate 17.1
  • Plate 17.2
  • Plate 17.3
  • Plate 17.4
  • Plate 17.5
  • Plate 17.6
  • Plate 17.7
  • Plate 17.8
  • Plate 17.9
  • 6256-6425 : Geometridae - Macaria, Digrammia
  • 6426-6617 : Glena, Epimecis
  • 6618-6762 : Melanolophia, Phigalia
  • 6763-6844 : Nacophora, Metarranthis
  • 6845-7011 : Besma, Lambdina, Eusarca
  • 7012-7085 : Nemoria, Emeralds
  • 7086-7181 : Idaea, Leptostales, Waves
  • 7182-7332 : Eulithis, Hydriomena
  • 7333-7444 : Xanthorhoe, Orthonama, Carpets
  • 7445-7648 : Eupithecia, Lithostege

  • Hypagyrtis Variants             Variation in a Sicya Species

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